Kindermusik® with Cath Smithson ~
Children's Music-and-Movement Classes in York

Kindermusik with Cath Smithson, York, England
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Looking for a music-and-movement class to enjoy with your baby, toddler or pre-schooler in York?
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Kindermusik International is the world's leading publisher of music-and-movement curricula for babies, toddlers and young children. Taught in more than 70 countries by over 5,300 educators, Kindermusik programmes provide the foundation for all musical learning and fun for your child - and your whole family.

Cath Smithson ~
Your Kindermusik Educator

Cath Smithson, a highly-experienced York Primary Teacher and trained-and-licensed Kindermusik educator, offers Kindermusik classes for children newborn to seven years-of-age at various venues in and around the City of York.

Kindermusik Classes in York

Kindermusik classes include singing and vocal play, musical instrument & object exploration, creative movement and dance and listening purposefully in a small, friendly setting.

Kindermusik with Cath Smithson, York, England
Free taster-sessions for individuals
or small groups available.

Programmes are arranged this academic year into
two 5-week themes per term and organised into several flexible age groups:

Babies: Cuddle & Bounce (0-1+), Sing & Play (walking 1s & 2s)
Toddlers: Wiggle & Grow (rising 2s & 3s)
Pre-schoolers: Laugh & Learn (3s & 4s)
Big Kids: Young Child (5-7s)
16 week semester - 19th Sept '16 - 10th Feb '17
Mixed Age: Family Time (0-7s)

At-Home Materials

Every Kindermusik four-class theme comes with Kindermusik@Home digital materials so that you can continue the musical fun (and learning) at home. 80% of the content is parent-focused and the other 20% gives you, the parent, the choice of using screen-time with your child, or not.

Each set of digital home materials contains all the class music, an abundance of unit-specific, age-appropriate materials and activities – all tied to the class content.

The digital home materials are built specifically to make it fun and easy for a parent to connect class-time to home-time, and to enrich both experiences.

Everything a parent needs to read the class story, play a game, do a fingerplay or dance, teach new words or instrument sounds, plan an activity, do a craft, follow a recipe, take a "field trip" (real or imagined), or enjoy pretend-play... It's all in one spot!

Why not come along for a free trial?

Free taster sessions for individuals or small groups are available.

Families may join in at any time and prices adjusted.

Next themes begin Mon 27th February 2017. Book your place today!

Music workshops within toddler and pre-school groups, nurseries and primary schools in York are also available.

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more about Kindermusik, to find a class in York or to register, please explore this site or send Cath a message.

Cath Smithson
Licensed Kindermusik Educator & Qualified Primary Teacher

Tel: 01904 636 760
Mobile: 07982 607 674

Children's Kindermusik Music-and-Movement Classes with Cath Smithson in York

Kindermusik is about developing skills in the whole child - cognitive, physical, social, emotional, lingual and musical.

Kindermusik classes tie in beautifully with the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Seven Areas of Learning.

Over 2 million families are enjoying Kindermusik classes around the world. We like to say it's the single best choice for your child!

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Next themes begin Mon 27th Feb 2017
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'Cuddle & Bounce'
(0-12 months+)

Babies', Toddlers' and Children's Music-and-Movement Classes in York

Cuddle and bounce with your baby in Kindermusik's newest curriculum.

'Sing & Play' (Walking 1s & 2s)

Babies', Toddlers' and Children's Music-and-Movement Classes in York

Get ready to sing, play, and move with your little one in this high-energy music class.

'Wiggle & Grow' (Nearly 2s & 3s)

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This music-filled class celebrates the unique joys of your growing child.

'Laugh & Learn' (3s & 4s)

Babies', Toddlers' and Children's Music-and-Movement Classes in York

Combine your pre-schooler's natural love for music, story-telling and imaginative play.

'Young Child' (5-7 years)

Babies', Toddlers' and Children's Music-and-Movement Classes in York

Introduce your young child to a first experience with musical symbols and instrument discovery.